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Based off 3 months of treatment, it costs $200 to treat 1 wombat for mange. These costs include; Mange Flaps, wildlife monitoring cameras, Battery’s for cameras, blue dye, burrow markers, moxidectin, anti bacterial spray. Plus countless volunteer hours and kilometres driven weekly to treat wombats across multiple properties.

The link below is for our Go Fund Me page where we are taking donations to assist our work.

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Volunteer With Us

Currently NSW wildlife laws require people to hold a license to treat injured or sick wildlife. If you would like to treat wombats you can apply for a license and undergo training through your local wildlife group.

Community Mange Treatment Program

By joining WIRES Community Mange Treatment Program, you can treat mange-affected wombats in your local area.

WIRES short online course will teach you how to diagnose and treat mange using two different methods, and this license will then allow you to directly help us treat mange.


mange flaps
volunteering to help animals requires a permit


If you dont hold a community mange license there’s lots of ways you can help out though with out directly working with the wombats. Some volunteer activities include:

  • Making mange flaps
  • Sorting camera trap footage
  • Host a fundraising event

Donate your time if you have a specific skill you think would be helpful i.e Tech support, social media or fundraising experience.

For further enquires about how you can help please email

Help fund Kanimbla Wombats by collecting your plastic bottles and using the return and earn program to donate.

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