Report a Wombat


If you see a wombat you think may need help- take a photo – record the GPS coordinates (taking a screenshot of your google maps location is the easiest way of doing this).

Depending on your location and state there is a variety of organisations working towards protecting wombats and treating mange. If you are located in the Central West of NSW click here to send us an email with:

  • photo of the wombat
  • gps coordinates
  • date of sighting

Broader NSW the most widely spread organisation is WIRES and you can call them on 13000WIRES. This will send a notification to carers in your area. Make sure to tell them you can provide a photo, this will help the carers with confirming if the wombat has mange.

ACT you can make a report using this portal

VIC sightings can be reported through Mange Management Victoria

SA Contact

Tasmania  you can report a wombat here.

If you see a healthy looking wombat we would still love to know. This data is helpful to researchers across multiple universities. A sighting can be reported using Wom-Sat

To help you identify if a wombat has mange please visit the what is mange information section of the website